Sunday, October 7, 2007

Credit where it's due!

It's flattering to have a photo selected for editorial use ... I just prefer a proper credit (though SOME credit is better than none).

Example: Gizmodo, a Web site full of leaks and breaking news for techies (I prefer their competition, Engadget) in August did a piece about a spate of upcoming technology products coming from Verizon (headline: "Verizon Readying a 15 Phone Barrage for the Rest of '07").

They cleverly overlaid the Verizon logo on the barrel of one of the guns at Fort Casey -- an image I shot about the same time.

My gripe is the lousy credit: "Image via Flickr."

Flickr? I took the freakin' picture. Image by Paul Swortz via Flickr.

At least they point back to my original and provided SOME credit, which is more than many do today ...

Their post.

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