Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shooting the President ... With a Camera!

Bill Clinton Listening
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This was my favorite, but the other three I've posted are OK too.

Bill Clinton was in Seattle for a recent conference by U.S> mayors on global warming. He's also promoting a new book on charitable donations called "Giving," and his visit coincided with the end of my company's annual Giving campaign.

Side note about my amazing company:
Microsoft matches employee contributions up to $12,000 per employee , per year. In addition (and I really love this) when I donate my time as a volunteer or board member for a non-profit, they "match" my time contribution at the rate of $17/hour. Amazing. This year's total (employee donations + matches): $72 Million (USD).

Anyway ... I got to the location where President Clinton was going to be speaking about 2 hours early, and secured a front-row seat (to his right) for the event.

No bags were allowed, so I had to decide early which lens to bring. I grabbed my 18-135, thinking I'd be close enough. I chose poorly, and was wishing for my 70-300.

Getting its first real test was my SB-800 speedlight. The ceiling was rather high, but it looked like I was getting better shots when I used the diffuser and bounced.

After the event, I was wishing I had used more direct flash, as I was about 20 feet away.

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