Thursday, May 7, 2015

World Wide Pinhole Photography Day 2015

There's something special about the photographic community in the northwest United States, and on April 26, 2015, World Wide Pinhole Photography Day, a bunch of people from across the globe came together in Portland to share stories, ideas, inspiration, and make some interesting photos.

Boring Biographical Stuff

I got interested in photography in 2007, and connected with some amazing people in the Seattle Flickr group, generous with feedback, encouragement, equipment, but most importantly, generous with their passion for making pictures and sharing the magic so many of us find in capturing a moment in time. 

Since then, I've continued to experiment -- digital and analog; pinhole; film, instant, large-format, medium-format, 35mm, and smaller(!) -- but only because I met someone who was making amazing images in interesting ways, and who was willing to share their knowledge.

I didn't know any photographers in Portland when I moved down, but within months had connected with a community of passionate shooters, many of whom were already friends with my Seattle friends.

The fact that Portland is home to one of my favorite camera shops in the world, Blue Moon Camera and Machine (they also feature typewriters!) should have been a clue that I would find kindred spirits here in Stumptown.

WWPPD 2015

Folks responsible for The Pinhole Podcast include my friend Jana, who connected me to Nate Matos, a fellow Portlander, photographer, and all-around great guy. 

They organized a WWPPD event here in Portland, that drew in all their fellow Podcasters, as well as fans and enthusiasts. In addition to shooters from all around the region the crowd included photographers from the U.K., France, Boston, Nashville, and more.

The worldwide event organizers have a gallery where they will collect shots from this year's event, and our WWPPD GitTogether group (apparently "git" is a UK term that means "well-groomed, classy person"). Photos will be trickling in up to May 31. 
It was great to meet so many passionate photographers, and walk around my new hometown and take some pictures. 

My Photos

Here are my photos from the day (click to see the full image. All were shot on a Harman Titan pinhol camera with 4x5 sheet film (Ilford Delta 100 and Fujichrome 100):

Morning over Burnside Bridge
The Warren Crypt
The Warren Crypt, in Color

Steel Bridge, Portland

Willamette River Early Morning

Looking North from the Steel Bridge

Grave Marker with Blurry Photographers 
Mistake - Opened Film Holder in Light

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